As businesses start to eye a re-opening plan, or have already re-opened, we are able to offer consulting services to see if your spaces align with standard air quality management guidance. Particular attention will be given to enclosed capacity spaces, and spaces that may have people in them for longer periods of time. At a minimum, these areas need to be evaluated and addressed.

The Air Company of Georgia offers an Indoor Air Quality Mechanical Review. We will review each HVAC Mechanical and evaluate to current ASHRAE standards and how to best mitigate any observed issues.

Typically, an evaluation and report can be done quickly. This service not only assists by providing a possible healthier indoor environment, but can also provide important messaging to your clients that these issues have been reviewed and addressed. Given today's reality, messaging can be of great importance.

If you have an in force Preventative Maintenance Plan we can include a report after our next visit, if you would like it done before then please let us know.

There has been a lot of information released about appropriate responses to COVID-19 for buildings and proper mitigation strategies. The Air Company stands ready to assist organizations develop a response and provide guidance on how best to remediate certain issues.